Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Swimming and a Blizzard

I don't know how the weather has been where you live, but here it has been freezing cold. Grace and I have been stuck inside for almost a week, and I am starting to get bored out of my mind. I cannot wait for spring, and I am pretty sure Grace feels the same way. She has been gazing out of the window more and more, and I can just imagine her wondering if this snow will ever stop. At least Grace has been keeping herself busy with all of her new toys from Christmas while Mommy tries to get the house clean.

Last week we had our first blizzard of the year, and of course it happened to be the same day as Grace's first swimming lesson. There is nothing like bundling up a tired and screaming 9 month old when the windchill is -20 degrees, then having your 10 minute drive turn into a 30+ minute ride due to slippery roads. By the time we finally got to the pool both mommy and Grace had had enough. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning. Grace spent the first 15 minutes of the lesson screaming because she wanted to play with the tile on the pool deck instead of getting in the water. Once we finally coaxed her into the pool she loved it. Thank goodness for the awesome swim teachers!

Luckily, this week's lesson went much better, as she loves the water. She gets the biggest grin when she puts her head underwater and blows bubbles. It is so cute!

I hope you all are staying warm out there. How do you keep the winter boredom at bay?

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