Baby Registry Must Haves for the Natural Mommy: Feeding Edition

I know you have all been waiting for this. Here is my must have list for keeping those little tummies full. Some of these products will differ based on whether you are breast or bottle feeding. Since I did both, I included my must haves for both breast and bottle feeding.

My Brest Friend Pillow - For the novice breastfeeding mama this pillow is a must. All of my lactation consultants (yes, I had many) recommended it over the Boppy (which I love, just not for breastfeeding). It supports the baby at the right height which is so important in preventing sore nips. Other pillows allowed Grace to fall between me and the pillow resulting in a poor latch. The Brest Friend (great name) also attaches to you, allowing you to move freely while feeding.

The Honest Company Organic Nipple Balm - Simply the one I used. Many others work just as well.

Metal Snack Cup - A must for keeping Grace occupied in the stroller. I fill it with yummy finger foods, and she stays happy and content. Plus it is spill proof, so she doesn't make a mess. I am so glad that I found this stainless steel alternative to the plastic ones I always see in stores.

Reusable Snack Bags - Again this just shows my aversion to plastic. A great alternative to plastic snack bags and they are super cute.

Baby's Only Formula - After seeing how malnourished my little girl was getting off the small amount of breast milk I was able to pump, this is the formula I used to supplement. Grace was on the LactoRelief until 6 months and the Dairy after that. While the formula is not perfect, I feel comfortable using it, as it is does not contain glucose syrup, palm oil or hexane processed DHA. In my opinion it is the best formula easily available in the US. I know that there are much better formulas available in Europe, but unfortunately buying them is extremely expensive and hard to do. (Disclaimer: I realize that this formula claims to be for toddlers. However,  according to the manufacturer, Nature's One, this formula meets the nutritional requirements for infants and newborns. They label the formula for toddlers because they believe breast is beast for infants 12 months and younger.)

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads - I was a leaker, enough said. They were thin, discreet, and kept my shirts dry. What more could you ask for?

Bumkins SuperBib - I have been using these bibs for years and they are still a favorite. They come in cute prints, have a deep pocket and wipe clean. (They do have a tendency to stain from tomato sauce even if I wash them immediately following use.) In addition they are PVC, phthalate, BPA, and vinyl free. They even have a sleeved bib when you need to keep special (or everyday) outfit clean.

green sprouts Terry Bibs - Grace was so messy when she would drink her bottles, we needed something to keep her from getting soaked. Again these do the job without too many harmful chemicals.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair - Our house just does not lend itself to a highchair. There is simply not enough room. This chair connects straight to our counters, so Grace can watch me cook and can all have dinner together as a family. Its small size also makes it easy to take to our families' houses or even camping.

Boon Grass - This choice was purely aesthetic. I love how modern and simple the drying rack looks, and it does the job, too. If I bought it again I would buy the larger size, though.

green sprouts Glass Sip 'n Straw Cup - A non-toxic glass sippy nestled inside of a drop-proof plastic case = brilliant. This trainer cup includes both a soft silicone sippy top and a straw top (Grace prefers the straw due to the heavy weight of the cup.)

Gerber Prefold - These make the best burp cloths. They are large, absorbent, and cheap.

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle -Every baby has their own preferences for bottles, so these may or may not work for you. Luckily, Grace was not picky when it came to bottles, so mommy got to choose. I was already a fan of Lifefactory's water bottles, so these were a no brainer. They are made of safe materials in France and Wisconsin, they easily attach to Medela breast pumps, and they are so versatile. I love the cute silicone sleeves and they offer a variety of colors and nipple sizes. BONUS: they easily transform into a sippy with the addition of the sippy cap . I cannot say enough great things about these bottles.

Medela Pump In Style - For months, wherever I went, this pump went. We were inseparable, so I got to know it pretty well (the joys of exclusively pumping.) As much as I want to smash this thing with a baseball bat (again, exclusive pumper), it really did do the job well. Luckily, a lot of insurance providers now cover this particular pump. If you plan to ever leave the house I do recommend the battery pack. It has allowed me to pump in the car, in a tent, and even on a hike. Also if you have to exclusively pump make sure to get extra parts so your poor husband does not have to clean them every two hours at night like mine did (thanks, sweetie.)

Nursing Cover - Stylish and discreet. I never got to use it with Grace, but my pump seemed to like it.

I hope you now have some idea about which feeding products you may want to use. Do you have a favorite product I didn't mention? Comment below. Next Wednesday we will tackle bath products.