Monday, February 23, 2015

Eleven Months

Age: 11 Months
Weight: 25 pounds
Height: 31.5 inches
Teeth: 8
Eating: Grace is eating less formula and more table food. She only has 16oz of formula a day split between two bottles. Her new favorite foods include salmon, chicken, almond butter, oranges, and whole wheat noodles with cheese.
Sleeping: Sleep has been going great. She goes down easily between 6 and 7 and we don't hear a peep out of her until 6 the next morning. Normally, we can feed her a bottle, and she goes back to sleep for another 1 - 3 hours. I don't know what I will do when we transition away from bottles. I love my sleep.
New Developments: Grace is busy working on her balance and walking. She is a pretty timid walker, so it may be a while before she masters it. Right now, it is hit or miss if she will walk that day. One day she will take a bunch of steps and the next day she refuses to even stand by herself. Grace has also been busy talking up a storm. I swear she is never quiet. She is also starting to understand simple questions and directions which is always fun. She is even picking up new words every day Right now her favorite is "Luca." The dog seems to be getting pretty annoyed with her calling him over every two seconds.
Loves: Climbing and rearranging my kitchen cabinets. It seems to occupy most of her day.
Dislikes: Diaper changes are still a challenge along with anytime she needs to sit still.

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