Super Bowl Sunday and Chicken Curry

My husband worked late a lot this week which meant dinners were often rushed and we ended up eating pizza more than I want to admit. At least Grace got some good meals this week which you can read about here. Even with all of the late nights I was able to try a couple new recipes this week including hot wings, smashed potatoes, chicken curry, and tortilla crusted tilapia. It may not have been the healthiest week for meals, but they sure were good.

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl and while we are not football fans we still celebrate the day by eating loads and loads of unhealthy snack foods. Super Bowl Sunday is the only time I can eat my weight in buffalo wings without guilt or judgement. That's why they have that silly game on TV, right? In addition to the buffalo wings we also had chips and taco dip for an appetizer. In order to give the dip some nutritional value and add a little protein to the dish I substituted cream cheese for Greek yogurt. In fact I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream in everything that we eat including tacos and loaded baked potatoes.

Buffalo Chicken Wings, Caesar Salad, and Taco Dip

This next recipe is an old standby, barbecue chicken. I can always please everyone in the house with this quick and easy meal. I like to make my own barbecue sauce so that I can control the sugar and make sure that there is no honey in the sauce for Grace. I also made smashed potatoes which were a huge hit. This was one of The Pioneer Woman's recipes, which I am completely obsessed with. All of her recipes are so yummy.

Barbecue Chicken, Broccoli, and Restaurant-Style Smashed Potatoes
We love Mexican food around here, so one night this week had to be dedicated to Tex-Mex fare. We ate tortilla-crusted tilapia, Spanish rice, a spring salad, and of course a whole fruit margarita. I did kind of cheat on this meal, though. I bought the fish frozen and pre-breaded at Costco. Gasp!