Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter Egg Fun

I'm back!  Sorry that I have not been around the blog much, but after the birthday party I just needed to take some time for myself and my family. I need to find a better balance between spending time with my family and the blog, and I think that means cutting back on the frequency of my posts. Don't worry, I will still be around.

Since Easter is only a week away we decided to try dyeing some eggs today. I knew going into this that Grace was probably too young to understand much less help, but I am all about starting traditions young.

Grace wasn't a bug fan of sitting at the table strapped into a chair, but some applesauce seemed to help for a while. She did find all the colors fascinating to look at. Soon, however, she grew bored of waiting for the eggs to turn colors, so she kept herself occupied by trying to chew through the glass tabletop. She didn't get very far.

After only 5 minutes she was screaming to get down, and off she went to play with her toys leaving daddy to finish the rest of the eggs by himself. 

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