Monday, March 9, 2015

One Crazy Week

These past few weeks have been so hectic. Between staying up late to get projects done for Grace's birthday, a little girl who no longer likes to sleep and wants to be held 24/7, and a husband who has been working long hours this mama is exhausted. Last week in particular was absolute mayhem.

We have been battling illnesses around here all winter. With my lack of sleep and added stress my immune system has not been great. Last week I came down with a horrible cold and of course Grace caught it as well. Unlike a normal person, a cold never slows her down.

While I was laid up on the couch Grace was all over the house destroying everything in her path. In order to keep her occupied mommy had to get creative. This included me trying to carry Grace's climber up from the basement and squeezing it through the basement door. It totally did not fit and I was stuck on one side of the contraption and Grace on the other. She has been super clingy for the last month and showing signs of extreme separation anxiety, so of course she threw a huge tantrum. Luckily, I was able to get it the climber unwedged quickly, and she settled down once she saw something to climb on.

Last week I also happened to come across the absolute best toy ever, soda cans. I forgot to throw away one of my water cans and Grace found it. The crinkling noise kept her busy for the rest of the afternoon. Although, I think I have created a monster. Whenever anyone grabs a soda can Grace will scream and try to steal it when they are not looking. This has resulted in lots of spilled soda and tears.

With all of the chaos around the house I was excited to get an hour to myself Thursday morning. Unfortunately, that hour was spent at the dentist. Normally I hate the dentist, but this time it was oddly relaxing. I am always surprised about what I find relaxing now that I am a mother. While the hygienist was poking around I was in complete bliss. There was no baby screaming at me and no responsibilities. I may have even nodded off once or twice. Then after the hour was up I was told all looked good and not to come back for 6 months. I was almost hoping for a cavity to have a reason to take some time for myself without feeling guilty. 

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