Spring Favorites

The official start of spring isn't for another week, but the warm spring weather is already upon us.  This change in weather also means a new wardrobe for Grace. Now that she is already in 24 month clothes she has gone through her entire wardrobe that I bought her when I was pregnant. I was not expecting such a big child. On the plus side that means mommy gets to go shopping.

Here is what I am loving for spring.

With the new weather Grace and I have been spending tons of time outside. She absolutely loves exploring the great outdoors, but for some odd reason HATES the park. She cries anytime we go near it. Luckily she has been loving going on walks, so today we decided to take her on her very first bike ride.

It definitely did not go as well as it could have. For the first 15 minutes or so she was occupied with her toys and her books, but after that she started to melt down. Grace can go from fussing to full on hysteria in about 2 seconds, so when she started to whine I knew I only had minutes to make it home. That was not going to happen. We ended up being miles from home with Grace screaming in the trailer, and every person I passed would turn and give Grace a look of pity, like I was the worst mom in the world for making my kid sit in a bike trailer. As Grace continued to scream,  I started peddling faster. Boy, is it a workout to bike uphill with a trailer behind you. I guess I need to hit the gym more often. Poor Luca was also struggling to keep up. We had a very tired puppy when we all got home. The minute I turned into the driveway Grace stopped screaming and gave me a huge smile, as if to say, "You say you never have time to workout, there you go."