Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, folks! It has been quite the week around here. Grace has not been sleeping well, and I am afraid that she may have another ear infection. She has been really fussy when she isn't held, and I think that a doctor visit may be in our immediate future. On top of that Grace has been on the move a lot recently.  She even learned how to go up and back down the stairs all by herself. However, she is still not walking. It has been exhausting keeping up with her this week. Luckily, we got to visit the grandparents for Valentine's Day, and they are always a huge help with Grace.

Grace woke up on Valentine's Day to find a couple of small gifts waiting for her, including a book and a couple toys. She absolutely loved the hide and seek book and took it everywhere she went.

Where Is Baby's Valentine? // Plan Toys Baby Car // Plan Toys My First Phone

Later on in the day Auntie watched Grace while Anthony and I went out for lunch and spent a little quality time together. An absolute rarity these days. As much as I love my child, I get extremely giddy every time I get to have a little kid free time. Even using the bathroom without a child banging down the door has become something to look forward to. Today was the absolute perfect day. I got to spend some time strolling the mall without a blow horn sounding in my ear. Then I got to come home refreshed and spend some cuddle time with my favorite little love bug. 

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity for all of us to tell those who are important to us that we appreciate them. I wanted to tell all of you that I appreciate every one of you taking time out of your day to read this blog. Thank you and happy Valentine's Day from my family to yours.