Heart Shaped Everything

I hope you are all having a good Valentine's Day thus far. We have been celebrating Valentine's Day all week around here with various heart-shaped meals and goodies. Most of these meals were super easy to make and were cooked up in no time. These meals are perfect for a quick meal or dessert and they don't even have to be heart-shaped. Unless you want them to be, of course.

For breakfast Grace loved chowing down on these yummy heart-shaped stuffed french toasts. I didn't add any sugar to the french toast because Grace would be eating them, but even without the sugar they were still amazing. Although I think her favorite part was the fresh strawberries. 

For one of our dinners this week I made some fresh mozzarella stuffed turkey meatballs complete with heart-shaped pizza dough breadsticks. This was by far both Grace and Anthony's favorite meal this week. It was also the messiest. 

On one of our busier nights I threw together this quick salad. It was nothing elaborate, but was a fun addition to our heart-shaped theme dinners. I just used cookie cutters to cut out the various shapes and placed them on the salad. I finished it off with a yummy vinaigrette dressing.

I found this fun brownie kabob recipe on Pinterest and thought it was cute. It was really easy to make too. I simply made some black bean brownies in a brownie squares baking mold before adding them along with strawberries and marshmallows to bamboo skewers. I topped the whole thing with melted chocolate. After I made these I found out that I have a mini heart brownie pan that I could have used. If only I had found it sooner I could have had heart-shaped brownies too.

These little cakes were definitely the most time consuming dessert I made all week, but by far one of the best tasting. They are a heart shaped chocolate cake filled with a whipped raspberry filling covered in chocolate ganache and placed on a raspberry coulis. You can find the recipe here. Beware though, these desserts are very rich.

OMG. These are the best sugar cookies I have ever made. They are so soft and buttery. Even the frosting was soft and silky. These cookies remind me of the delicious sugar cookies I used to eat late at night from the cafe at my college. If you went to school with me you will want to try out this recipe. It will take you straight back to the hill. 

This is a quick and easy treat to make anytime of the year. It is just popcorn drizzled with white chocolate and salt. I added heart-shaped sprinkles to make it a little more festive.