11 Month Toy Favorites

I am so thankful that the weather is getting warmer, and Grace and I have been able to get outside recently. Grace is such an active baby, and for the past few months I have been having a really hard time keeping her busy in the house. Luckily, during those long winter months I did stumble across some toys that kept her relatively busy and kept mommy sane.

Sophie's Busy Day - Grace's favorite touch and feel book. She will sit and look at the book for ages, but screams if mommy tries to read it to her. Stacking Rings - Keeps Grace busy forever. She loves to stack the rings and then dump them off the peg over and over again. A great way for baby to work on dexterity and hand eye coordination. We also like to talk about the colors, shapes and sizes. Play Tent - A favorite place to play peekaboo. Grace loves to crawl into the tent and play by herself or with the puppy. Wood Xylophone - Grace loves to make noise, so naturally she loves making music on this xylophone. I love that it fosters an appreciation for music while helping her with hand eye coordination and teaches her about tone differences. Air Element Climber and Cover - Grace is a climber and she loves to roll, crawl, bounce, and tumble over this large air bubble. The air element is a simply a large bag made with heavy plastic you fill with air and cover. The more air, the firmer the climbing surface. Grace loves it, and I love that it sits on the floor so no fear of bad falls.

Little Tikes Swing - An old standby. Currently we have the swing hanging from the rafters in our basement and Grace loves to go down there and swing. Hopefully we will be able to move it to the backyard soon. By the way swinging is amazing for a child's development and promotes physical, cognitive, and behavioral development. Not to mention it can be instrumental in helping to calm a very active child and helping with attention spans.