One Size vs Sized Cloth Diapers: The Great Debate

A heavily debated topic in the cloth diapering world is whether one-size diapers or sized diapers are superior.

One-size diapers are the most popular cloth diaper on the market today, and are advertised as fitting babies from birth to potty training. Normally the diaper is adjusted by snapping down the front rise snaps or depending on the diaper could be adjusted by tightening the elastic inside the shell. In my experience most one-size diapers were far too large for even my 9lb newborn and seemed to fit starting around 12 lbs. However Rumparooz and Fuzzibunz seemed to run smaller and both fit Grace at birth.  Popular one-sized diapers include BumGenius, Fuzzibunz One Size, Rumparooz, Charlie Banana, and Blueberry Diapers.

Sized diapers, on the other hand come, in sizes like small, medium, and large. They tend to offer a more custom and trimmer fit due to the less material that is used. However, you will need to buy two or three sets of diapers to diaper your child from birth to potty training. Popular sized diapers include, AppleCheeks, and FuzziBunz Perfect Size.

So Which type of diaper is best for you? See the chart below to help you decide.

My Thoughts

I love one-sized diapers due to their economical advantage, and these diapers most of my stash consists of them. However, I due believe that sized diapers have their place. I used sized diapers during the newborn stage and highly suggest that you consider it. There is no way most one-size diapers would fit my alb newborn, and I did not want them leaking all over the place, especially with  the family and friends who wanted to hold her. While Fuzzibuns and Rumparooz fit her from birth they were the exception. Once Grace was about 1 month old I switched to using mostly one-size diapers, and they have worked great. Although I should mention that due to the bulk of the diaper in the early months Grace did have to wear larger pants than she would with a disposable. Also you can forget about jeans ever fitting right, there's just not enough room in the tush. If I do want to squeeze her into her skinny jeans I put her in a sized diaper like an Applecheeks (which I LOVE.)

So, cloth diapering mamas which do you prefer?